Riot released news back at the end of December in 2019 that they were hosting a nonprofit. The news came alongside the 1000th League of Legends skin whose part proceedings would go to social impact. Latest news released the information about how that fund reached the six million mark. Now players have the ability to vote and choose which nonprofit organization shall receive the funds from Riot.

We are happy to announce that players around the world collectively raised $6 million USD! It’s been humbling and inspiring to see players come together to help make our communities a better place.

But our work together isn’t over just yet! We think that those people who are closest to the needs of a community are some of the best people to help find solutions. That’s why we are asking players around the world to help make their voices heard through supporting some of the most impactful nonprofits in their region.

Nonprofit Organizations:

Furthermore, a total of 46 non-profit organizations tally the votes of players which spread across regions. This includes Southeast Asia, China, Brazil, Germany and many more.

With the help of our local offices and GlobalGiving, the Riot Games Social Impact Fund has selected 46 nonprofit partners that we think are effective, impactful, working on meaningful issues in our communities. Moreover, we’ll be allocating a majority of the money raised to create a charity pool for each region based on the proportional sales of the Dawnbringer Karma fundraiser.

From April 10th through April 23rd, players can log into the League of Legends client; they can vote on one of three local nonprofits in their region who they think are doing the most meaningful work for their communities. At the end of the voting window, the local nonprofit who has the most votes will receive 50% of their regional charity pool and the other nonprofits will each get 25% of the regional charity pool. We’ve guaranteed a minimum grant of $10,000 USD for each nonprofit.

It is notable however that this fundraising is separate to the COVID-19 fund. The reason for that is that back then there was no news of an imminent pandemic. Furthermore, the reasonable options set for the funds held social impact as the primary goal. This is why the full fund shall go to the aforementioned organizations.

Riot Games, in addition, gave a hefty donation towards the pandemic fund. So fans and viewers can remain relieved.

Being a global company enables us to approach social impact with a global mindset. A key part of that is allowing players to have agency in selecting to support what matters most to them. We hope to learn a lot from this approach and look forward to continuing our journey forward together.

Concludingly, all players can log in to their League of Legends client and vote; for whoever they deem deserving of the fund. You can also check out the full list of the 47 organizations. They are in their specific regions over at the original Riot Blog. Check out Riot Games for more.