Respawn Delays Apex Legends Season 5

 Respawn Delays Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends fans are always hungry for new content. The developers feed them with it through different updates. However, most of the content arrives at the start of every season. So far, we have enjoyed a total of four seasons since the game’s release in February. Apex is currently at the end of its fourth season. Players were hoping to see the fifth season on May 5. This is because the battle pass of the current season was supposed to end on the same day. However, this is not going to be the case as Respawn has delayed the fifth season.

Apex Legends Season 5 Delayed

Fans were eagerly for Apex Legends season 5. The upcoming season is going to introduce a lot of new content to the game, including some map changes. However, it seems like they will have to wait for a little more as Respawn Entertainment has further pushed back its release date. Instead of releasing on May 5, Season 5 will now go live on May 12. This means that you will have to wait one more week to jump into the new season.

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There is something positive about this delay. Players who were unable to complete their battle pass on time will now have one more week to do it. Respawn has confirmed that there won’t be any new challenges, but players will be able to catch up with the old ones. This means that your money will not be going to waste after all. The one week delay will also give Respawn the time to host the Battle Armor limited-time mode.

What Season 5 Will Feature

Just like the previous seasons, Apex Legends season 5 is also going to feature a brand new character. At the moment, most of the rumors and leaks point towards Loba being the next playable character. For those who don’t know, she is the very little girl who’s parents were brutally murdered by the Revenant in the robot’s reveal trailer. And now, she is going to enter the Apex Games with the only goal of getting some revenge.

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Season 5 is also expected to make some changes to Kings Canyon instead of introducing a brand new map. Players recently discovered teasers that hint at a hidden area just behind the Labs. It is currently believed that we will get to see an underground area in Kings Canyon.

In any case, make sure to get the most out of this time to complete your Season 4 battle pass.

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