Red Bull announces new League of Legends series

 Red Bull announces new League of Legends series

Red Bull sufficed to the esports scenario by announcing its brand new Power Spike series. It shall be the brand new online series starting from April 27th.

The daily tournament will hold 1 vs 1 matches with exclusive prizes and more for participants. The news comes with its starting registrations and what players can hope to get by participating.


“Red Bull, Riot Games and Battlefy have united to bring you the all-new League of Legends gaming series, Red Bull Power Spike. US players can log on to the official League of Legends Discord channel to compete in daily 1v1 tournaments for a chance to win awesome prizes, gear and the exclusive Discord role title of “Red Bull Power Strike Winner.”

In addition to the announcement, the news brings along all the information about the tournament. This includes all the rules, FAQ, and the full manner on how people can register. The collaboration between Riot Games, Red Bull and Battlefy gives this unique chance for players to look forward to some competition during today’s pandemic times. Players can follow the Red Bull’s official website at the end of this article to check out the full news and FAQ about Power Spike.


The tournament looks to run for about a year till May 24th. Based on the progress of Power Spike, there could be a return for the competition afterwards. It will be a fully online format with more than 500 participants each day.

“For gaming enthusiasts all across the U.S. who are seeking bigger and better ways to connect with their League of Legends community, Red Bull Power Spike is a welcomed opportunity to participate in an online tournament starting April 27.”

Basic rules:

Each Daily Tournament will proceed as described below:

  • Players compete in a one-on-one setting.
  • Best-of-3 matches – Maximum nine (9) matches per Daily Tournament.
  • The bracket is single-elimination, random seeding.
  • Map: Summoner’s Rift – Top Lane – Backing allowed.
  • No jungle camps.
  • No pause time permitted.
  • No-show time is ten (10) minutes.

Match Win Conditions:

  • The first player to get two (2) kills before seven (7) minutes elapses or one (1) kill after seven (7) minutes elapses.
  • Additionally, the first player to destroy their opponent’s first tower.
  • Lastly, the first player to reach 100cs.

Overall, it looks to provide players with a chance to decide who is the best in the game and innately also holds spectators. Players can look forward to some League of Legends action alongside their daily casual playtimes moving forward.

For more on Power Spike and Red Bull, visit their official website over here.