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PUBG Mobile India: PMIS 2020 to return as India’s Biggest PUBG event

What arouses a true sense of a grand accomplishment for the PUBG team is the success that title gained in the region of India. The country stands to be one of the most populated places, and with this large population comes the knack of mobile phone usage throughout the region. All people look for entertainment on their mobile phones over here, and in this coincidence did PUBG mobile find one of its deepest and most delightful followings.

PUBG favourably became a large hit with the mass, enough to stir government intervention that saw the young people giving the mobile game too much of their cheery time. It even went on to be banned on some occasions. As time grew, the people grew accustomed and PUBG Mobile laid out its exuberant competitive roots. In 2019, PUBG Mobile India introduced its PUBG Mobile India Series of competitions that would hold the biggest and most competitive tournament of PUBG in India.

Moreover, the current stance of the pandemic did cancel plans for Major PUBG events. PMIS 2019 was considered a major event, so comprehension foretold there would be no events for PUBG for quite a while. We caught up on the full stance of cancelled events back in March. This is why this announcement comes as a great relief and anticipates many happy fans.

Now it brings the same competition back once more; now PUBG Mobile India has introduced the PMIS 2020. The India Series 2020 will take new and older players to the biggest stage once more to find out who remains at the top on PUBG Mobile India.

The commencement of the tournament will portray elaborate anticipation from the mass, one that gives a due right to the massive following PUBG Mobile has gained in India. It felt as if the game suited to each and every mobile gamer’s need in India. The result will now hold the biggest stage with the biggest crowds returning this year for PMIS 2020.

It does not spark surprise as much as it produces keen following for more competition for India’s favourite mobile game. PUBG Mobile India had to take the option to hold competitions once more as it is a waste of a perfectly good chance for benefit. This is because it seems fully imminent that the tournament shall gain unanimous success.

Tencent returns as the organizers for this year again as they were in the previous year. PMIS 2019, however, did see an offline format which would look to be changed this time around following the pandemic circumstances. All teams that participated in PMIS 2019 will look to return, including Team Soul who will fight to keep the PMIS Champions title.

At the same time, as eagerly as the champions, God Reign, the runner-ups for the PMIS 2019 will be giving it their all to reach the title that they so closely missed last year. The prize pool will not be small either. Last year it valued at about $72,450 US, even more, valuable so in the Indian currency. There is no confirmation for the prize pool yet, however, anticipation and guesses put that PUBG Mobile India will want it to be even more than the previous year. That holds true to the performance, the competition, to the whole tournament as well.

Another intriguing addition to the scenario is TSM, who joined PUBG India by acquiring Entity Gaming. They will participate as well and shall be striving to reach the top this year.

Last year saw 20 chosen teams going head to head to crown the final standing team as champions; Team Soul. Previously the Grand final was held at GMC Balayogi Indoor Stadium, in Hyderabad on March 10th. It remains to be seen where the competition will hold this year as a change of venue could be very possible. There is no loss of the crowd and the following wherever you go in India. There could be the scenario that the change of place would surmount to where the highest following can be achieved.

Moreover, Oppo were the official sponsors of the PMIS 2019, however no news yet of who are the current sponsors of PMIS 2020.

In conclusion, if you’re living in India and are a fan of PUBG mobile, then you’re in for the biggest competition coming your way this year once more. If you’re one to participate or to just spectate, there is plenty of entertainment coming ahead. The PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 is coming soon with the biggest ever event for PUBG Mobile India, with grand prospects and much more for its fans in these bland isolated pandemic times.

You can check out the official trailer for PMIS 2020 over here. More news on the tournament will soon follow on the final dates and team selections. PUBG Mobile remains to be one of India’s most beloved video-games, if not the most already.


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