Overwatch League Week 9 – 10 Schedule, 2020’s future Match-ups

 Overwatch League Week 9 – 10 Schedule, 2020’s future Match-ups

The Overwatch League recently released their plans for the first weeks of April. The news comes with full insight onto how future matches with online formats shall go through. They released a full table for each match.

“Given the ongoing global health situation, and in discussion with all our teams, we are officially shifting the remaining regular-season homestand events for Weeks 14-27 to a fully online competition and broadcast format. The league will continue to release future match schedules as soon as they’re available. Additional details about playoffs and Grand Finals will release at a later time.”

The news comes with the decision to shut down Home-stands. This will replace the matches with online format ones. Teams and staff can fully work from their homes; they can choose where to work from. In addition, it states that all matches would not hold with a live audience and would not suffice to travel far for work. Professionalism shall be noted as interpersonal contact is not viable either.

In short, an online format shall hold with all the safety of participants and workers. It shall also fully withhold the standard of tournament matches for the Overwatch League.

Full Schedule:

All of the aforementioned matches shall be available on Overwatch League’s YouTube channel. Fans and viewers can tune in to the specific times to catch all the action. Echo, Overwatch’s latest hero, would get much-anticipated views as well.

2020’s coming match-ups:

The staff also mentioned the possibility of adopting Live matches once more this year as well. It, however, comes down to the feasibility of whether the matches would not hinder the performance or the standard. It also will come down to the circumstances towards the end of the year; whether the pandemic is under control or not. For now, an online format shall adhere for all matchups, with no fall in the standard of any kind. This is the official statement from Overwatch League

“The Overwatch League was built to deliver season after season of live, city-based events in front of our amazing fans. While we are collectively facing an incredibly challenging time, we hope to get back to live events before 2020 season concludes, and we are working hand-in-hand with all our teams to make this happen as soon as it’s safe and logistically feasible.”

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