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Overwatch League: Full May schedule release

This month, the Overwatch League has remained less productive following the Covid-19 circumstances. Initially, the Overwatch League sets a grand competitive scene for all teams to participate in for all fans to spectate. However, pandemic times called for many changes, including cancellations and postponing.

It is with much glad news that Blizzard Entertainment is looking to reinvigorate the scenario for the coming month of May, with news of a full schedule and a brand new tournament with all its guidelines released to the community. Now, Overwatch fans and players can look forward to an active month of May for the Overwatch Esports scene.

“We’ve almost reached the midpoint of the 2020 Overwatch League season, and today we’re announcing a complete May schedule with all 20 teams in action, and the introduction of new single-elimination regional tournaments.”

May Tourneys:

The startup will host the qualifiers for three slots in the North American Region and four for Asia. All twenty of the Overwatch League teams will match up to decide who will go further into the May Madness scenario of the regional tournaments. Teams coming at the top will thereby more forward with the chance to get the biggest prize pool and the title of tournament champions.

Furthermore, the full $225,000 prize pool comes in the follow distribution manner:

  • Tournament champions—$40,000
  • Second place teams—$20,000
  • Third and fourth place teams—$5,000
  • Each tournament win per team—$5,000 (in addition to placement prizing)

Moreover, the announcement gives a full list of all the participating teams alongside the full rules of the tournament. All heroes will be available for picking, the first three-win decides who wins. The finals will be decided with the first to four map wins scenario.

The teams competing in each region for the May qualifying matches and tournaments:

  • North America (13): Atlanta Reign, Boston Uprising, Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem, Houston Outlaws, Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant, Paris Eternal, Philadelphia Fusion, San Francisco Shock, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and Washington Justice
  • Asia (7): Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, London Spitfire, New York Excelsior, Shanghai Dragons, and Seoul Dynasty

There are hence separate brackets for North America and Asia, with the shared guidelines down below:

Shared Tournament Rules:

  • Hero Pools suspended for all tournament matches—all heroes will be available.
  • Matches are the first-to-three map wins until the finals, which will be first-to-four maps.
  • Higher-seeded teams pick the first map. 
  • The losing team of each map picks the next map in the series.
  • In case of draws, the team that picked the previous map picks again.

The North American Bracket is fully shown as well:

Alongside this, specific rules also come for these North American playoffs:

  • Qualification: The 12 vs. 13 seed match does not count for prizing
  • Knockouts: The 5-7 seeds get to pick their opponent, with the 5 seed selecting first.
  • Quarterfinals: The 1-4 seeds get an automatic bye to this round, and the 1-3 seeds get to pick their opponent from advancing teams, with the 1 seed selecting first.
  • Semifinals and Finals: Fixed matchups based on progression through the bracket.

Thus, this all concludes the scenario for North America. Players can look forward to catching all the action soon.

Now for the Asian Bracket.

Specific rules for the Asia tournament are the following:

  • All seven teams qualify with no qualification match.
  • Quarterfinals: The 2 and 3 seeds get to pick their opponent, with the 2 seed selecting first. 
  • Semifinals and Finals: Fixed matchups based on progression through the bracket with the 1 seed getting an automatic bye into the semis.

Overall, the qualification also hints that individual matches do not count, but the four teams of each region’s tournament will earn a fixed number of bonus wins that do count in the standings toward playoffs qualification.

  • Tournament champions—3 wins
  • Second-place teams—2 wins 
  • Third- and fourth-place teams—1 win

Thus this concludes the full tournament guidelines for the month of May. Region-specific playoffs give fans their choice to pick their favourite teams to support on their hand in the coming month. There shall be much to enjoy as the tournament will be getting some tough competition throughout. The battle to the top will truly earn the crowned champions their performance’s worth.

Afterwards, there is also a full list of the weekly playoffs that will overlook weekly hero pools and predetermined maps. This will change after week 14. Here is the full schedule:

Soon to come:

Conclusively, the Overwatch League team also comments further ahead to timely release future information.

“We are excited to see the teams compete in the May Tournament and will be evaluating similar competition structures for the remainder of the regular season. We will release additional details about future schedules and the postseason as soon as they’re available.”

All this information comes directly from the Overwatch League official page and sets to give the fans plenty of action in the coming month. In spite of the pandemic circumstances, Blizzard Entertainment will do its best for the smooth performance and attendance of the full month of May alongside this new tournament. Regional matches gather much viewership, and this looks to enlighten the Overwatch Esports community once more to grasp a hearty future for Overwatch and it’s the overhaul to Overwatch 2.



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