Northern League Of Legends Championship (NLC)

 Northern League Of Legends Championship (NLC)

Northern League Of Legends Championship will have Riot Games hand a great deal of responsibility to the capable DreamHack who shall be hosting region-specific League Of Legends Championship for Northern Europe.

It shall be the official League of Legends Competition within the region. It shall have two seasons per year.

Twelve selected teams shall make the basis of this European League Of Legends scene and will battle it out to further elevate their position in League Of Legends Esports. News includes full information on how the tournament shall take place, what will be the relegation rules and much more. It will grow on to giving the winning team further chances in the League of Legends esports ladder.

The Northern League Of Legends Championship will host the chosen 12 teams who will compete with each other in two divisions. furthermore, each team shall remain in the NLC and will battle out the top contenders of the lower Telia Masters.

Moreover, this will host 8 teams; they will be in each of the five national leagues here. The top teams from each national league will compete in the Telia Masters. Going further forward, the top two teams coming in the Telia Masters will battle out with the lowest two teams of the NLC, competing for the chance to become the part of the NLC.

Thus finally, teams that are the top four in each of the two Northern League Of Legends Championship Divisions will battle out for the champion of the NLC. They will therefore take the stage to decide who wins the tournament and the 1 million swedish Krona. Third and fourth place teams will be in the lower bracket, the top two of each division in the upper.

DreamHack and Riot Games have entered an agreement to launch the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC), a new Northern European league to be run by DreamHack.


  • 12 initially selected teams.
  • 1 million SEK awarded per split to teams and players.
  • League play featuring two divisions of 6 competing over 7 weeks to be seeded into a playoff bracket.
  • The top 4 teams of the playoff bracket will compete at a live event (DreamHack Summer 2020).
  • The bottom 2 teams of the NLC will need to compete to retain their slots.
  • FNATIC Rising and BT Excel are permanent members in the NLC due to their status in LEC.

Road to the NLC:

  • There will be 5 National Leagues, the Telia Esports Series will host leagues in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, the UKLC will host leagues in the UK and Ireland.
  • Each league will feature eight teams and regularly broadcasting/coverage in local languages.
  • The top two teams from each league will advance to the Telia Masters to try to advance to the NLC.

Conclusively, for more on NLC and League of Legends, visit the official website of the NLC. Here you can catch when the action starts, all the streams and all the latest news on NLC.