Ninjas in Pyjamas decide to use their previous Paladins roster as the brand new entry to Valorant. The disbanded roster will make a return, this time running for the game Valorant. Thus, the esports scene for Ninjas In Pyjamas refreshes once more and takes their entry to Valorant esports.

With our Paladins team disbanding after ending on the highest of notes in late November last year, we are extremely pleased to see their return as we begin our journey in Riot Games’ VALORANT – a title that is already well on its way to becoming a heavy-weight contender in the world of first-person shooters.

The new team does see a slight change, however. The core players are the same as their Paladin’s, but they come under a new coach this time. Erik ‘Bird’ Sjösten will be the head coach who will be managing the roster’s new esports career in Valorant.

The core roster returns with one notable difference; Erik “Bird” Sjösten now takes on the role of head coach for his team. This means we are in the process of finding a fifth member to complete the line-up.


VALORANT is undoubtedly one of the most exciting titles in recent years, and it’s been clear to us from the beginning that it’s a game we would like to be heavily involved in. Riot has some great ideas on how to evolve the community and esports specifically, and we’re very excited to have an integral part in shaping that with them.- Jonas Gundersen, COO of NiP.

We are extremely excited for the chance to continue as a team in Riot’s new title VALORANT under the NiP banner. With our previous experience and success, we are looking to enter the game at the highest level and start our grind from day one. While I personally will be taking a step away from a player position, I will instead continue to support the team from an overhead view.

Our success in Paladins derived from a team-first perspective and we intend to keep it that way. We made the decision to transition to VALORANT as a team in order to keep our synergy and put the focus on learning the game itself as efficiently as possible. This means loads of grinding and hopefully tons of content to share with you guys at home! We hope that you are as excited as we are and continue to follow our journey into VALORANT.- Erik “Bird” Sjösten, head coach of NiP.VALORANT.

This is thus the new official roster of Ninjas In Pyjamas’ Valorant Squad.


Head Coach

  • Erik “Bird” Sjösten.

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