Modern Warfare: Devs Reveal Fixes Coming In The Third Season

 Modern Warfare: Devs Reveal Fixes Coming In The Third Season

Infinity Ward is currently busy handling all the hype that has been created for Warzone. The game’s player count is increasing day by day, and the devs are doing everything they can to keep their game playable for everyone. But because of this very reason, Modern Warfare players felt left out. Some of them even started thinking that Infinity Ward isn’t going to pay much attention to this game. All of this changed when the third season for the game was announced. And now, we also know what issues will get fixed in the third season.

Modern Warfare Upcoming Fixes

At the moment, we exactly don’t know what big things the new season is going to feature. However, recently, Joe Cecot decided to talk about the issues that will most likely get fixed in the upcoming update. For those who don’t know, Joe is the Co-Design Director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare

Tactical Grenade Glitch

To begin with, the third season is going to feature a fix for the tactical grenade glitch. Many players have been complaining about their grenade hitting their enemies, but they are unable to see a hit marker. This is something which leaves them confused as they are not sure whether they actually hit their enemy or not. Thankfully, the devs are now working on a fix for it. Joe claimed that although he has not seen this issue before, its now on Infinity Ward’s radar.

Shotgun Slugs

The second fix Joe confirmed for season 3 is tuning for slugs. For those who don’t know, slugs are an attachment for shotguns and can be used to increase the range of the weapon. However, there was a clip which showed that the slugs kind of ruin the accuracy of the weapon, thus making them useless. One player asked Joe if some tuning will take place, to which he replied by saying that “I believe changes are in the season 3 update.”


The third and final fix confirmed by Joe was for bundles. Some players have been complaining about facing difficulties while trying to purchase a particular bundle. Most of them have complained about the Ghost Bundle on Xbox One. However, Joe has assured players that this issue is being worked on. Therefore, you should wait for a little before purchasing a bundle.

Modern Warfare season 2 will conclude on April 8, and the third season will go live shortly after it. We can expect to see various more fixes other than the ones revealed by Joe.

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