Method Esports partners up with DouYu

 Method Esports partners up with DouYu

Method and DouYu announce that they shall henceforth be partners; to liven their already high popularity further in the esports scene. The partnership shall bring grand prospects. Both parties are considering to be the top tier organizations in their respective areas.

DouYu comes as the largest streaming platform in all of China. Holding skilled and popular Talent as a part of their roster of members; their streams wage daily counts that number more than 10 million. This partnership shall give Method the same stance in the streaming giants’ capabilities.
Method Esports in return hail as one of the best ever esports organizations. They respectively have more than five successful teams with over fifty world-class players under their banner. Hence the partnership looks to improve this further and hail their already grand name to bigger heights.

Method has announced a long-term partnership with DouYu; the biggest Chinese live video platform with a focus on video game live streams. This partnership will see Method and DouYu continue to collaborate; broadcasting Method’s Race to World First event to a Chinese audience. In addition, this also includes a selection of Method players streaming on the DouYu platform.

Working together with DouYu has been an important step in Method’s mission to establish the Race to World First as a global esports event. We are excited to take our collaboration with DouYu to the next level. This partnership will give Chinese viewers the ability to directly engage with Method’s players.
– Sascha Steffens, Method Co-CEO.

The chinese esports scene brings vast numbers into the table only to grant opportunities to organizations. This partnership looks to set that very goal for both teams; undoubtedly bringing the Chinese populous Methods biggest streaming scenario than ever before.

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