London Spitfire returning to Overwatch League in Early May

 London Spitfire returning to Overwatch League in Early May

London Spitfire tweeted their official statement on their status in the Overwatch League. London’s Homestand initially shut down due to the COVID-19 temporarily. This fortunate news comes forward to satisfy fans that the organization shall soon return to Overwatch Esports.

The organization announced that players would stay at home so the team would go back to Korea for the foreseeable pandemic state. They shall now be returning to the Overwatch Esports scene again in early May.

Official Tweet:

No news came up before this notifying fans and those concerned with the state of the organization. Overwatch itself took measures to provide online format options for the esports matchups. It is not only London Spitfire who faced such circumstances. All teams tended to the safety of their members and quickly observed isolated work for each individuals. This is a positive sign coming from organizations that show that the health of their members is their primary priority.

Esports itself is flourishing online in such times where people can not go out. The Overwatch League grinded to a halt previously for a small duration but returned with the online format as the only viable option. London Spitfire along with all other teams would follow same methods to participate. This however, is an exclusive case where a full organization had to return to their original country. Rest of the team did not face much difficulty in managing their team.

This however, only adds to the fortunate news of London Spitfire’s resumption.

The team still challenges to be one of the top contenders of Overwatch. They won the 2018 Overwatch League and come as one of the originally founded Overwatch teams of Europe. Their return will mark the proper continuation of the Overwatch League.

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