KONKA partner up with LPL

KONKA partner up with LetsPlay.Live

General miscellaneous

KONKA have released the news of them officially becoming LetsPlay.Live’s official partners. The news comes alongside the fact of how the organization shall overlook all supply of monitors to their new partners.

Today the tech manufacturer announced that they would be suppliers for LPL’s world-class broadcasting studio; with brand new gaming monitors and televisions as the exclusive monitor partner. With KONKA gaming monitors hitting New Zealand shelves at the likes of Harvey Norman; other retailers the transition into esports made perfect sense for the brand.

Top Officials:

Comments released by both companies’ top officials where both parties congratulated each other on their new found partnership.

“We’re thrilled to be jumping into the ANZ esports space as the sport is accelerating globally,” says KONKA National Product Manager Aneil Daya. “LPL is at the top of the game in the region and within New Zealand. We’re excited to see where the partnership takes us and our brand.”

LPL Managing Director and Co-Founder Duane Mutu adds: “Our hope is that by partnering with KONKA we can introduce a new, relevant audience to their brand and product, and equally that LPL esports will be elevated and supported by the team behind KONKA.”

The Aim:

This looks to provide mutual benefit to both organizations in their respective motives. It shall also carry on for the foreseeable future. It shall also give a hint of what people would be expecting from LPL in their future endeavours; what hardware they will hold. KONKA also will strive to provide the stage where their hardware would be showcased to millions of viewers. Moreover, this will be throughout the partnership and will imminently return the company with much-needed sales.

Moreover, as LetsPlay.Live consists of broadcasting perks. It shall hold top tier monitor screens to keep up the same performance of work they have always been giving. This will be the epitome of the company; this will also will look to provide KONKA with many merits considering a beneficial future together.

In conclusion, competitors in LPL’s LAN finals and attendees at their off-site activations will experience the new KONKA gaming monitors first-hand. The monitors will also feature in the esports broadcaster’s upcoming studio tour later this year.

News further come how KONKA’s team were not invulnerable to the pandemic circumstances with their production delayed. It however remains to be seen what effect it has on the new deal.

For more information on KONKA Gaming Monitors, head to https://www.konka.co.nz/monitor.php