Fran faces hate after winning Overwatch Echo Showdown

 Fran faces hate after winning Overwatch Echo Showdown

Fran i.e. Francine Vo recently performed great at the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown. As the team’s support, the female Overwatch player did her best to support the team that ended up making them win the tournament. The gratifying celebration is indeed an accomplishment that needs commendation. However, it seems that after playing her valuable part in her team, instead of congratulations and wishes, she faces misogynistic feedback from the community.

A hateful community:

A part of the Overwatch community rejected her part in her team’s performance. Fran winning the tournament gave way to a lot of negative hate from many individuals. Almost the full majority of this negative hate seemed to stem from basic gender discrimination. Comments included how she was a girl that did not help the team; rather she was just there to be carried to a win. Comments also included simple hate speech and random false allegations such as she won by cheating or other unfair methods. This is what Fran opened up to after winning a tournament. The state of the community resounds misogynistic hate that does not give a positive feedback of the Overwatch community.

Furthermore, the comments and hate seemed to target her only. Other members of the winning team did not face such a reaction. As she was the only female, it seemed that this was the reason behind all the negativity of the community. It is a saddening and unfair implication that no individual, male or female, should face, that especially after winning a tournament that expects congratulations instead of hate.

Fran’s reaction:

Fran herself bared through it and shook off it all. As a capable female player of Overwatch, she knew she played her role well and deserved the win. She herself deserves as much credit as any other player on the team. Thus, she did not let the negative feedback get to her. Her teammates also supported her with their voice on how necessary she was for the team; how they would not have been able to win without her. This gives consolidation to the player and the team. However, it also reflects how the Overwatch Esports scene still succumbs to basic gender discrimination and negative hate.

The Esports scenario is a stage where only the best players reach. That too the ones that manage to become winners of such events. Fran comes in as one of those individuals; that she can showcase professional skill in the game regardless of her gender. Such expectations come normal of any individual of a professional esports organization or tourney. No one should welcome such negative feedback; this shows how the mass needs to settle for the basic morals of the community. Racism, gender discrimination, fairness is the prospects that give esports their top tier fair and professional play. People must reject such aspects, both by the players and the community.

Fran looks to be strong and capable regardless of the feedback following her win. She shall remain a closely knit player for her team and will look to carry on her professional career.

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