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Fortnite: Tfue Thinks SMGs and Assault Rifles Should Be Nerfed

Fortnite is the game that gets the most attention in the battle royale genre. It has a huge player base and is considered as one of the biggest video games of all time. The reason behind why the game is still loved by everyone is the fact that Epic Games constantly updates it. Some of these updates are meant to add new content to the game, while others just fix different issues. The devs also listen to their fans a lot, something which has always resulted in positive things. And now, a popular Fortnite streamer has talked about why SMGs and Assault Rifles in the game should be nerfed.


Turner “Tfue” Tenney is regarded as one of the top and leading Fortnite streamers in the world. He is one of those players who have helped Fortnite become what it is today. Because of this very reason, his opinions are respected a lot in the community and he never hesitates to criticize Fortnite for its bad things. His opinions even sometimes spark different arguments with other content creators such as Ninja. While Tfue hasn’t gone really far with criticizing the game, he has still talked about some serious issues from time to time.

Tfue Wants Devs To Nerf Some Weapons

Recently, during one of his streams, the Fortnite pro talked about how the SMGs and Assault Rifles in the game are too strong in chapter two. He even went on to add that he would like to see adjustments to both of them, mainly at close range. While talking about them, he mentioned that both of these weapons even overpower the Shotgun at close range, something that should not happen.

Shotguns are something that has remained powerful in Fortnite for close-ranged combat since the start. And you can also get double damage with a headshot. Tfue called the current SMG and AR meta “dumb” and told Epic they need to nerf them and also vault the “mythic” guns in competitive.


This isn’t the first time Tfue has talked about vaulting the mythic items. The streamer, along with many other players, believes that these mythic items are just too strong and shouldn’t be available in competitive Fortnite. In any case, Epic Games is yet to provide a statement regarding whether they will be doing something about the SMGs and Assault Rifles or not. But considering Tfue’s audience was also agreeing with him, the devs will most likely work on this issue soon.

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