PUBG has released the latest Battle Royale event mode for a limited time; it shall run for the first few days of April. It looks to give all players a casual mode of play alongside free items and much more.

The event holds four classes, Barbarian, Wizard, Paladin and Ranger. The exclusive classes come with exclusive mechanics and bonuses. Items rewards are also of the same manner, alongside vehicles and Item Crafting. This will also add exclusive Fantasy BR Missions and more that shall run with the duration of the event.

The Fantasy Battle Royale will run from April 1st till April 7th. It shall hold rewards and items without any payment and will be available to all that play PUBG. It holds to provide plenty of entertainment to players that are looking towards esports and online gaming. This is a response to the increase of players online during today’s circumstances where going outside is a risk. Thus PUBG delivers to gain plenty of new players to try out the game and hope that they would stay.

Sourced Statement:

“First off, we understand that times are difficult right now due to the impact of COVID-19 around the world. Some companies have chosen to forego April Fools activities this year. In a time when people are keeping themselves safe and indoors, we believe that video games offer a diversion; from solitude and a way to be social while still staying safely apart. For these reasons, we’ve chosen to go forward with our planned event in hopes that it offers a little bit of lighthearted fun during this necessary isolation.

We’ve also ensured that all rewards associated with this event can be earned, with no purchases required, to prevent people from missing out on them if they have to choose more necessary things to spend their money on during this time. The first set of rewards are earned through special event missions; either directly or purchased with the “gold” that the missions give. These rewards can also be purchased in the regular shop if you have some extra income and choose not to participate in the event. The other set of rewards can only be purchased with BP and there will be an option to convert your extra “gold” into BP to help acquire these. Taking care of yourselves and your loved ones is the most important thing right now. So making sure that all of the Fantasy Battle Royale rewards could be earned was a priority for us.”


This event also looks to be a testing ground for future changes and implementations to the game. The company shall see what to add and subtract from the game in hopes of improving it further. This will be keeping a fresh title for all those that choose to spend their time playing it.

This would not be assumed to be instantly introduced. However, it does look to administer and experiment how the plays differently with the aforementioned changes coming. This puts the most primary purpose of the event, to just have fun playing, ahead of all other matters. It also gives the players and the dev team much to experiment with.

The event holds exclusive classes, their held items, bonuses, overview vehicles and the world. In addition, there is much more; full information you can check out on the full article PUBG released on their website. You can check it out from the link below.

“That’s the basic rundown! We sincerely hope you enjoy Fantasy Battle Royale. It’s silly, short-lived, and certainly not for everyone. But for those who appreciate such things, the happiest of April Fools’ Days to you all!”

For more on the event, visit the full article by PUBG over here.