ESL One DOTA 2 Los Angeles; Fnatic win SEA Playoffs

 ESL One DOTA 2 Los Angeles; Fnatic win SEA Playoffs

DOTA 2’s latest ESL One online format esports event finally concludes with Fnatic coming ahead as winners for SEA playoffs. They successfully take the winning title for SEA alongside the prize pool of $40,000 US.

It was a tough match in the grand finals where both finalist teams did not give each other any room to make mistakes. The first few days of the event thus conclude with a grand finale. The ESL One online stream during today’s pandemic circumstances reached more than 50 million views in total on Twitch.

The finals hosted the talents Godz and Blitz to bring viewers all the spectating marvel. Event sponsors included Mercedes Benz, Mountain Dew, GGBet, AT&T and Intel.

The Grand Finals moreover came forward after Fnatic withheld their stance to win the lower bracket finals. Team Adroit were looking to keep their streak going. However, tables turned in the first match where Fnatic showed skill in drafting and in the lanes and came out winning the first game. Fnatic showed their top tier gameplay in this grand final.

The second match came forward with carry picks Phantom Lancer and Ember Spirit for Fnatic. Team Adroit opened with Terror-blade as the first carry pick and followed up with Necro as the last pick and second hard carry. Fnatic banned Puck, Ancient Apparition and Monkey King in the last. Adroit banned Storm Spirit, Winter Wyvern and Grandma Snapfire. The mid-game kept things hots as the 24-minute teamfight lasted for more than 3 minutes; more than 4 buybacks and 25k+ damage dealt in total. It came out even. Surprisingly, however, Fnatic came up once more and used chances well to win the second as well.

The third match gave Troll and Ember to Adroit, with Fnatic holding OD and Morphling. Adroit needed to pull off a back to back three-win come back if they wanted to win the grand finals. A technical dc costed Fnatic’s Rubick to, unfortunately, die in the early minute. Dire take Adroit’s top tier tower for the first building down. Adroit try to retaliate with aggressive team fights in the mid-game, but all turn towards Fnatic’s side. The Dire kept showing top tier gameplay throughout the match. The 20 minutes, however, saw an insane comeback from Adroit that team wiped Fnatic. This gave Adroit enough space to last through the mid-game. However, as soon as late-game reaches, 30 minutes. Fnatic pushed with the Aegis in tow and win the third game.

They come out securing a clean 3-0 win in the SEA grand finals.

Thus, Fnatic win the SEA Playoffs. Iceiceice had only one important message to share with fans; “Wash your hands.”

For fans, there is plenty of more action to catch in the coming weekdays with other region matches still coming ahead. Fans can tune into Twitch for ESL One Los Angeles’s official DOTA 2 stream. The SEA Playoffs thus conclude,

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