CS:GO – Next Set Of Skins Might Arrive With Source 2 Engine

 CS:GO – Next Set Of Skins Might Arrive With Source 2 Engine

CS:GO might be an old game, but that hasn’t stopped players from jumping into it. In fact, even though it was released more than 7 years ago, it is still one of the most-played games out there. The game is topping the charts on Steam, and players just can’t get enough of it. Because of all the attention CS:GO gets from different parts of the world, Valve makes sure that their players stay attached to it. They do this by adding new cosmetic items such as skins for agents and even weapons.

CS:GO Skins

Operation Shattered Web concluded a few days back. Valve introduced a lot of new exciting content through it, and everyone loved it. But now that it is over, every player is left wondering exactly when they will get to see another big content update. Such content updates are meant to introduce a new set of skins, something which is appreciated by every CS:GO player. But some speculations claim that we might not get to see them anytime soon, at least not until the Source 2 Engine comes out.

CS:GO fans enjoyed the latest set of skins through the Prisma 2 case which was added to the game via the March 31 update. This new case was the same as the previous ones and featured around 17 new weapon skins. In addition to this, it also brought six new knives to CS:GO. Before this, fans enjoyed the skins that were featured in Operation Shattered Web on November 18, and prior to that, the CS20 Weapon Cases on October 18. This pretty much confirms that Valve can either add new skins after a month or after a big gap.

When Will Source 2 Engine Come Out?

At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when Valve is going to add another set of new skins in CS:GO. However, players might have to wait for the Source 2 engine for it. It is currently believed that the new engine will get introduced next month, meaning that players won’t have to wait a lot. But although Valve has dropped a few hints, they are still yet to officially confirm whether the next source engine is coming or not.

CS:GO is currently going strong and is looking better than ever. It recently managed to cross 1 million concurrent players on Steam for the first time in history. This is mainly because of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak as countries have requested their citizen to stay inside their homes. We will most likely see an even bigger number in the coming weeks.

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