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CSGO: ImAPet’s Departure From EG

In the world of CS:GO, one will find all sorts of players and teams. Some teams base their gameplay around on how all five of the players perform together. Some rely mostly on their star players. While, some play around the strategies devised by their coaches and then make sure to stick to those playstyles.

Sadly, EG is not one of these teams. Having won only one major, EG decides to kick their coach of 2 years, ImAPet.


ImAPet has been coaching the team from the past two years. According to the coach, things were going well until the team started changing strategies and decided not to listen to his input. They haven’t done anything significant in the past few months and, it doesn’t look like they’re heading in the right direction still but, let’s see if a new coach helps the situation at EG.

According to fans ImAPet is a great coach and, the issue lies within the players. However, we can’t say for sure.

ImAPet himself has come forward and revealed that he was not on good terms with the duo, Tarik and stanislaw. This makes one question whether or not the duo did have something to do with the departure of their coach.

ImAPet also said there was a lot more that he will keep behind closed doors.

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ImAPet’s TwitLonger Post

“It’s no secret my relationship with Stan and tarik was absolutely horrendous,” he wrote. “I don’t know what I could trust from them in multiple 1on1s, nor did I agree with how we were changing the team strategically when we were all discussing the direction we needed to take to improve our consistency.
“There was a lot of hypocrisy on the team on certain cultural beliefs and views on the game. Opinions were literally changing every day, to a point where we weren’t even anti-stratting T sides anymore after a certain tournament, which I will never agree with ever again.
“I had my changes I wanted to make and ultimately they didn’t happen and here we are now.”

We’re just going to have to wait for more information on the drama to pinpoint exactly who is behind the lack of improvement at EG and, whether or not Tarik and stanislaw are a toxic duo that run the reigns at EG CS:GO.

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