Cloud9 secure major title win after 6 years in LCS

 Cloud9 secure major title win after 6 years in LCS

Cloud9 fans rejoice as the team become champions of the League of LCS Spring Split. The winnings earn them the top number after six years. Since 2014, they were unable to latch onto the winning title in any other major esports title. This comes as beneficial news for the veteran esports organization that is considered to be one of the best and biggest organizations in the scene.

It is an interesting record that Cloud9 managed to come in seven finals in these past years. Out of all of them, six times they placed 2nd, unable to get to the highest podium. However, this year’s final turned favourable and finally gave them the title of champions.

The Cloud9 roster consisting of  Licorice Eric Ritchie, Vulcan Philippe Laflamme, Nisqy Yasin Dinçer, Blaber Robert and Zven Huang Jesper Svenningsen won the final for their banner. They put on a strong performance throughout the tournament. The finals also went through with a straight three-win victory against FlyQuest. This gives the whole team plenty of renown. Future matches shall look to give tough competition to beat the top contenders which are officially Cloud9 now.

The win gives them the largest prizepool of the tournament; $100,000 US. Alongside this, they officially gain the spot for the next major tourney. That tourney is MSI which will hold in June.

Another peculiar stance goes how BMW recently signed a partnership with Cloud9. Boding such great prospects alongside the title grab, there is plenty of fortune still to come.

Vulcan became the Player of the Series. Zven also became the first player to win championships on North America and Europe.

In conclusion to the win, the organization thanked its fans that stuck out for all the time of the drought. They now celebrated together as now fans finally relieve themselves of a great championship win. This looks to continue in the future, as the roster will resume the matches and will surely be the ones to catch all eyes in MSI.

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