CCP China bans online gaming with foreign regions and more

 CCP China bans online gaming with foreign regions and more

CCP, the Chinese party always follows independent overviews when it comes to anything in their own country. It does not procure much surprise that another strange decision is made by the Chinese government. Many video games received bans in the country before. This includes many other aesthetic and artistic entertainment that is available to the mass. An example of this is multiple anime, video games, books, and much more. This time, news comes forward that China is banning all interaction of their internet users with the outside world. This means that now, the Chinese community will have no way to play games that allow conversation and links with foreign individuals.

Bans on both single and multiplayer titles:

Online games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and all other major esports titles have an acclaimed following in China. Massive viewerships and fans coincide within China alone, and the value to the overall community in a very large sense. This all shall now be coming to a close. The Chinese government will ban all games that give Chinese people a mode to the conversation. This also includes exhibiting their state to the outside world. This does not only include online games, but many single-player titles will also be monitored, very very carefully.

This whole decision comes to stop the retaliation of their community against the government. The Hong Kong incidents take games as the mode to show peaceful protestation for their full rightful independence. The Nintendo title, Animal Crossing, is an example of this. Players from Hong Kong used the online features of the game to show off their retaliation against the Chinese government. Or at least, they just edited small pictures and phrases which viewers could see that play the same title and visit the player’s Island inside the game. China bans it for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 also has a huge part in this, as China remains deceitful with its actual mortality numbers for the pandemic. They also refuse to share information about the full effect of the pandemic on the country.

Similarly, all games that give the opportunity to talk openly about the Chinese government will now shut down. It is still a debate about how China takes such decisions against the free will of the people. In addition, it affects the videogame companies and gives a negative impression of the government. Animal Crossing does not procure any adult material or even light mischief or violence, it actually comes with a rating for almost all ages. Yet even this title is banned.

Chinese Communist Party:

The Chinese CCP does not show when it will allow the mass to start playing video games normally again as normal entertainment. For now, China will remain independent in its choices, decisions, entertainment and political views. The community might not like it, but they have no choice but to follow orders.

“As the CCP’s audacious global propaganda campaign to silence critics abroad and to defend its infallibility fails to work out, the new law is expected to block Chinese people from learning how the world is reacting to Beijing’s handling of the outbreak and subsequent cover-ups,”- Taiwan News.

It remains to be seen how Chinese Esports organizations react to this and what holds for them.

You can read more on the news from Taiwan News.