Bubba Wallace sim race quitting breaks deal with sponsor Blue-Emu

 Bubba Wallace sim race quitting breaks deal with sponsor Blue-Emu

Bubba Wallace is a veteran in Stock Car Racing. He is one of the most successful African American drivers in Nascar history. Moreover, he is the first African-American to win in the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series (Martinsville, 2014). The current situation put him into driving sim races online. A recent instance saw him lose a sponsor when he quit the sim race.

His recent stream went to a halt after his car crashed by a fellow driving player. Clint Bowyer of Stewart-Haas Racing made him deliberately crash for a second time that made Wallace rage and quit. It was more comical rather than a true infuriated decision from Wallace.

However, this was not taken lightly by a sponsor of the driver Blue-Emu. The decision to quit ended up with Wallace losing the sponsorship. He tweeted afterwards of his comical state.


It still remains to be half-serious as Nascar’s sim races do consists of many peculiar cases that would not amount to fair professional competition. This would lower the severity of this situation, which Wallace keenly jokes upon.

It does not seem that this would affect the racer’s career. However, it does show that sponsors do look upon the performance of their partners for their own benefit. As that is the whole reason for the sponsorship in the first place. Blue-Emu also replied jokingly to Wallace, hinting that both parties did not take the incident too personally to heart.

Nascar’s online sims are streamed on the internet to many viewers throughout the globe. Online racing sims gained much success in today’s circumstances where live racing events and tournaments are not an option. For the foreseeable future, it shall remain as the primary event for Nascar and all participating drivers.

Bubba Wallace shall also continue participating in the sim races. He will, however, be more serious in his decisions and will likely not look to quit any sim races in the future.

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