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BMW makes enormous esports signings

BMW comes forward with surprising news for all esports fans and viewers by signing five separate esports organizations. This comes as a huge expansion of the company that will gain plenty of starlight in esports.

BMW signs Cloud9, Fnatic, Funplus Phoenix, G2 Esports and T1. This comes as huge news as it doesn’t happen often that a company signs multiple organizations, that too which come forward as top tier teams in esports.

These signings come as the global overtake of sponsorship all exclusively to BMW. Each of the signed teams represents a different region. Now, each region shall gain an overview of what BMW has to offer. The organizations not only compete in League of Legends but many other esports titles as well. This includes DOTA 2, Fortnite, Rocket League and more.

The BMW brand is currently engaged in a major expansion of its involvement in the world of computer, online and simulation games (esports), a field that’s been continuously growing in popularity, especially among the next-generation target group. As far back as 2017, BMW first attracted attention in the world of virtual sports as the official partner of the European League of Legends finals in Paris. And by 2019 and the successful SIM Racing season concluded by the BMW SIM LIVE premiere at BMW Welt in Munich, BMW had firmly moved into being a major player in esports. But above all, the BMW brand now supports some of the most influential and successful esports teams and strives to promote the esports discipline as a whole.

The esports sector has maintained stellar growth rates for years. More and more gamers from a wide variety of countries compete online in both sports and non-sports simulations – as well as in popular offline events held all over the globe.

“Esports shows us how sports entertainment can continue to thrive and play a key role considering today’s challenges. Our entry into esports is motivated by a commitment to become a sustainable, global partner, supporting the teams and the discipline as a whole, before, during and after these times of uncertainty,” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW. “Joining forces with the best teams in the world, we aim to use our design and innovation skills to help shape the discipline in the long term. Our esports involvement is an important milestone providing, for the first time, a new intersectionality with a dynamic and fast-growing community. We consider esports a promising, growing addition to our marketing activities, helping BMW on its journey to becoming an emotive brand people relate to.”

All five organization’s lead individuals and leaders commented on their accomodation of the new partnerships.


“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with BMW to the global front and continue to uphold shared pillars of excellence and peak performance. We welcome the outstanding teams that we’ll work alongside to drive competitive excellence forward with BMW!” Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Co-Founder.

“At Fnatic, we are dedicated to maximising performance and entertainment through technology and innovation. It is these shared values that make BMW the perfect partner as we seek to level-up every gamer on the planet. As a pioneer in the automotive space, with a history of advancing entertainment in competitive sport and working with the best talent and teams, we are thrilled to be working with BMW to build the future of esports and entertainment together.” Glen Calvert, Fnatic COO.

“We are excited that the world-class top brand has chosen to enter the global esports industry with Funplus Phoenix. BMW has a century-long history, prestigious technology and worldwide recognition. This partnership will fuel innovation and the pursuit of high performance in this new era.” Funplus Phoenix CEO Chun Li.

“G2 Esports are pioneers both in and out of game and this is evident in our incredible competitive success, entertaining content, and the energy we bring to our fans every day. BMW will power G2 as we build on our vision to create a massive entertainment empire and bring the best innovation to the esports industry. This is more than a sponsorship, this is a united effort to highlight the power and influence of esports.” Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, G2 Esports CEO. 

“Together with some of the most elite global esports organisations, T1 is thrilled to partner with BMW to elevate innovation and entertainment in the gaming industry. Faker and the entire T1 family are excited to create content, products, and programmes with the BMW team that showcase our shared values of competitiveness and premier performance for esports fans and enthusiasts around the world.” Joe Marsh, T1 CEO.

The signings shall give many benefits to each organization and shall look further to give benefit to both parties. Here are two things that the give organizations shall be getting from now on:

  • Information sharing and technology transfer in the service of esports.
  • Eye-catching BMW models used as future team vehicles.

Check out BMW’s site for all the latest information on their ventures.



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