Baby Pokemon alongside Riolu featured in latest Pokemon Go event

 Baby Pokemon alongside Riolu featured in latest Pokemon Go event

Baby Pokemon; Pokemon brings the spring weather into the game as well featuring special versions of baby Pokemon alongside much more. Pokemon Go updates give players special bonuses that are allowing them to get 2km eggs ingame. Furthermore, these eggs feature baby Pokemon and one rare Pokemon; Riolu.

“Have you found a Pichu, Togepi, or Buneary wearing a flower crown? 🌸👑 Remember that you can find these Pichu and Togepi in Eggs and these Buneary in the wild for a limited time! 🌼🌸🌺🌹🌻”

Alongside these updates, the game activated bonuses that allow players to keep hatching more eggs without much travelling or walking. 2km eggs spawn occasionally and each gift carries this for a couple more days. The eggs have a chance to hatch these features Baby Pokemon with flower crowns. Additionally, they also hatch normal Baby Pokemon. However, the most notable information for players is that they can also hatch Riolu from these eggs.

Riolu normally does not spawn in the game and could only hatch from 10km eggs previously. This allows all players to get the rare Pokemon now if they haven’t already. The shiny version also comes in, albeit with the lowest chance through hatching eggs.

The travel distance for hatching eggs is also cut down as a bonus. There is much to enjoy in Pokemon Go during this Baby Pokemon event. Alongside this, the Leaderboards are also put up now showing the best players in Online Battles.

April 14th Special event:

April 14th will also feature the Pokemon Magnimite. It will spawn more frequently and will come with the bonus that will double the candy for catching Pokemon. It will commence at exactly 6 pm local time.

The pandemic still affects going outside that was the norm for Pokemon Go players. This is slowly turning to implement playing from home and all these updates are keeping the pace up. There is no news of Pokemon Go declining in the amount of active players. Niantic is doing a good job of keeping everyone happy.

You can check out the Pokemon Go official website for all the information on the active events and bonuses. You can also check up on the new leaderboards tab to check out the top players in Online Battles. The game is still free to play, so whoever wants to join in on all the fun and activity, do give Pokemon Go a try.