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Apex Legends Season 5 – Will It Feature a New Map?

Apex Legends has entered the final weeks of its fourth season. Players got to enjoy a lot during this season as it featured a lot of new content along with different game modes. However, no one is disheartened for its end considering the next season will begin as soon as it ends. That’s right, Apex Legends season 5 is currently expected to go live at the start of the next month, and players are eagerly waiting for it. While we know it will feature exciting new content just like the previous seasons, fans are wondering whether they will get a new map or not.

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So far, Apex Legends players have enjoyed two maps; Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. The first one has been in the game since the start and is the fan-favorite map. It was replaced by World’s Edge at the start of season 3. This means that both maps have been here for two seasons each. But Kings Canyon still had more time considering it was in the game before the concept of seasons was introduced in Apex Legends. Despite this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Respawn introduced a new map in season 5 as World’s Edge’s second season will be soon over.

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At the moment, Respawn hasn’t confirmed whether they will be introducing a new map or not. If they do, it will be set up in a different world. Since the game’s release, players have seen two planets so far. Solace, where Kings Canyon is located, and Talos, the planet of World’s Edge. But since the game’s foundation is based on the Titanfall Universe, there are a couple of planets we might get to see next. We might get to see a new map located in Gridiron, Troy, Leviathan, or Harmony. However, Respawn can also end up surprising players by adding a whole new planet.

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In any case, we’ll know in a few days whether this is going to happen or not. The devs have a habit of adding in-game teasers through which they let players know about their plans. These usually start appearing a few days prior to the next season. Apex Legends season 5 is also expected to feature Loba as the next character. Loba is the very girl who was featured in Revenant’s reveal trailer. In addition to this, there are a couple of features that we’d like to see once in it.

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