Apex Legends Season 5: Features We’d Like To See

 Apex Legends Season 5: Features We’d Like To See

Apex Legends players are always excited for a new season. This is because it brings amazing content such as new cosmetic items, map changes, legends, weapons, and much more. This is why players are always eagerly waiting for a new season to go live so they can get a fresh start with new stuff. Apex Legends is currently in its fourth season, and it will conclude in a few weeks. This means that season 5 is about to go live. Today, we are going to talk about some features that we’d like to see in the upcoming season.

Features We Want In Apex Legends Season 5

Kill-Cam Feature

The first thing we’d like to see is a kill-cam feature. This is something popular in other multiplayer games such as Call of Duty. It basically allows players to see how they were killed. Through this, they can avoid making the same mistake again that got them eliminated from the match. The kill-cam feature can also help identify cheaters. Players will be able to see whether the person who killed them was using any unusual methods or not.

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PvE Mode

The second thing we want to see in Apex Legends season 5 is a new PvE mode. For those who don’t know, this mode was leaked by data miners a few months back. However, it still hasn’t made its way to the game. According to the leaked details, players will have to fight off against AI-controlled characters and some creatures. We recently got to see a tease of it in the Bloodhound Town Takeover even in which players have to take down a few prowlers to get some top-tier loot. Now that we’re approaching season 5, it’d be great to see a new mode.

Crossplay Feature

The third thing we want to see is the crossplay feature. It will basically allow players from different platforms to play with each other. For instance, if you own a PC and your friend has a console, then you’ll be able to play Apex together. At the moment, the developers haven’t provided an exact release date for it. However, they did mention that they too want this feature in the game, meaning that we’ll see it soon.

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Two Legends

The fourth and final thing we want is two legends. Respawn has a habit of adding only one legend to the game with every season. However, some fans don’t like this and want to see more than one legend this time. If this is the case, then we’d get to see a new character other than Loba.

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