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Apex Legends Reconnect Feature Will Arrive in Season 5

Since Apex Legends was released, players have complained about disconnection issues a lot. There have been times when players have been thrown out of a match because of some error code, and Respawn can’t seem to fix it. This has frustrated a lot of players as it has ruined many of their good games. They have to start a new match instead of getting back to their old one. But now, it seems like things are going to change as the Reconnect feature is making its way to the game through Season 5.

Unlike many games such as Overwatch, players don’t have the ability to reconnect to their match in Apex Legends after they get disconnected. Because of this very reason, the Reconnect feature is something that has remained one of the most requested features in the community. Many players were hoping to see it in the previous seasons, but that didn’t happen. However, Respawn had some other plans as they are finally bringing it.

Apex Legends Reconnect Feature Confirmed

Recently, in a blog post, Respawn decided to talk about how the ranked series has been so far and what players can expect to see in the upcoming one. However, at the end of the post, they confirmed that the Reconnect feature is coming in Season 5. This means that you will finally get the chance to reconnect to a game after you’re kicked out because of some issues.

While a lot of players are happy with this news, some are against it. As per a few players, the Reconnect feature can put some at a disadvantage. For instance, if your squad is near the edge of the circle and you get disconnected from the match, then you might be far outside it when you reconnect. Another problem can be that your random teammates might exit the match after seeing you’re disconnected, thus making you play the whole match alone after reconnecting.

At the moment, Respawn is yet to confirm whether this feature will be only limited to Ranked play or will become available for every mode. Respawn has also pushed back the release date of Season 5 to May 12 to give players more time to complete their current battle pass. This means that we will have to wait longer than before to find out more about this feature. Players will also enjoy one more limited-time mode called Battle Armor before we move on to the next season.

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