Apex Legends: Next In-Game Event Confirmed For Bloodhound

 Apex Legends: Next In-Game Event Confirmed For Bloodhound

Apex Legends players will be glad to know that they are indeed getting another in-game event soon. That’s right, even though the previous System Override Collection event concluded a few days ago, Respawn wants to give more. The next event has been confirmed to be for Bloodhound. Most of you won’t be surprised by this considering we already knew this was coming.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Event

During the past few weeks, many leaks and speculations emerged claiming that the next in-game event will be Bloodhound Town Takeover. So far, we have seen such events for Wraith, Octane, and Mirage. And now, the developers have officially confirmed that Bloodhound’s Town Takeover will go live on April 2. This will be the first Town Takeover event of 2020 as all of the previous ones were held last year.

New Content

Just like the previous events, this one is also going to bring some exciting new content to the game. We will get to see both permanent and limited-time content. To begin with, the developers are adding several new skins in the in-game shop. These skins will be available directly for purchase. The best thing about this will be that even though the event is for Bloodhound, there will also be skins for Crypto and Wattson.

The in-game shop is going to feature new skins every 5 days. Only the Young Blood skin for Bloodhound will remain in the shop until the last date of the event. Aside from this, Respawn is also going to add a Prize Track for the event. These items will be only available by completing different challenges. Players will earn 1000 points by completing each challenge, and the challenges will get refreshed every day.

Another interesting thing about the upcoming event is that Respawn is also going to add some old Legendary skins to the game for a limited time. You will be able to purchase them directly through the in-game store. In addition to this, just like the main event skins, these ones will also keep on refreshing.

New Limited-Time Mode

Just like the previous in-game events, The Old Ways event is also bringing a new limited-time mode. As expected, it is going to feature Prowlers. Bloodhound has basically discovered a nest of these creatures and is planning to use this opportunity to put humans against them. You and your squad will have to use top-tier loot to fight against these creatures. However, keep in mind that other than Prowlers, enemy squads are also going to be a big threat.

The Bloodhound Town Takeover event will go live on April 7, and will conclude on April 21.

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