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Apex Legends Next Character: Loba or Ash?

As Apex Legends players have only seen four new legends since the game’s release in February 2019, they are always eagerly waiting for new ones to arrive. The developers only add one new legend with every season, something which no one likes. Still, the devs aren’t doing something about it and they still have no plans to add more than one legend in the upcoming season. With that being said, we currently have to candidates who might make their way to the game in the first week of May. The first one is Loba, and the second one is Ash.

Apex Legends Loba

Loba was first introduced in Revenant’s reveal trailer. Players saw her as a little girl who was sitting at a table with her parents before the deadly robot arrive. Later on, at the end of the trailer, she was seen sitting beside the dead body of her father who was murdered by Revenant. Now, it is currently believed that Loba is going to make her way to the game in season 5. She is going to enter the game to avenge her parents’ murder. The events in the trailer took place years ago, meaning that she is all grown up now.

Apex Legends

Data miners have also found a lot of information regarding Loba in the game’s files. They discovered her abilities through which it can be seen that she will be an expert thief. Most of her abilities revolve around getting to know about nearby loot and even stealing it.

Apex Legends Ash

Ash, on the other hand, was leaked in an interesting way. One data miner managed to discover some bobblehead charms that will soon make their way to the game. However, in them, there was a bobblehead of a character who was never before seen in Apex Legends. Fans believe that this bobblehead is of Ash, a character from the Titanfall universe. For those who don’t know, Ash was one of Kuben Blisk’s special men in the Apex Predators. However, not much is known about his role in Apex Legends, other than his bobblehead.

Who Will Be The Next Legend?

At the moment, the chances for Loba to arrive in season 5 are more. This is because data miners have found a lot of information regarding her in the game’s files compared to Ash. However, Respawn always ends up surprising its fans and even fools data miners by such stuff. In any case, season 5 will go live in a few weeks, and we’ll have our answer then.

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