Apex Legends New LTM Leaked

 Apex Legends New LTM Leaked

Apex Legends players have enjoyed a handful of Limited Time Modes so far. Even during the current season, Respawn introduced a number of LTMs. All of them have been well appreciated by fans, because of why they are always eagerly waiting to see a new one. While everyone thought that they won’t be getting another LTM since the current season is ending, a data miner has discovered something else.

Apex Legends Battle Armor Limited Time Mode

Recently, popular Apex Legends data miner “iLootGames” decided to do some digging in the game’s files. While searching through them, he ended up discovering a new Limited Time Mode. According to the leaked information, the new mode is called “Battle Armor.” Instead of giving players the chance to drop and loot for themselves, the mode will shower them with a specific armor and a pistol.

The most interesting part of this mode is that it will disable armors across the map. This means that you won’t be able to pick up a new one. You will have to work with the one you have and rely on shield cells or death boxes to charge it up. Other than that, you won’t be able to do anything.

Three Versions

Another interesting thing is that there will be four different versions of this new LTM. Each version will shower players with different equipment. The first version will place a level 1 armor on players and provide them with a standard pistol. The second version will give them the Blue Armor, while the third version will have players roaming around with a Purple Armor. As for the fourth version, it will be called Battle Armor Evolved and will give players an Evo Shield.

As per iLoot Games, the first version will go live from April 24 till 27. The second version will be available between April 27 and 29, while the third version will go live from April 29 till May 1. As for the Battle Armor Evolved version, players will be able to enjoy it from May 1 till May 5. This means that the LTM is going to conclude on the day the current season is scheduled to end.

Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends season 5 is expected to go live on May 5. The next season is going to feature a lot of exciting new content, including a new legend. It is currently believed that Loba is going to make her way to the game in season 5. Also, instead of a new map, Respawn is planning to make some changes to Kings Canyon.

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