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Apex Legends Latest Teaser Hints At Map Changes

Apex Legends players are currently waiting for the fifth season to go live. Since the past few weeks, there have been many leaks and rumors regarding what it is going to feature. Players are mostly hyped up to see the new legend, who is currently believed to be Loba. However, other than a new legend, players will also get to see a lot of new stuff, including some new map changes. And now, new teasers have surfaced that have hinted at possible map changes coming to Kings Canyon in Apex Legends season 5.

Respawn Entertainment has a habit of making different changes to the game’s maps with every season. In season 2, we saw that the Repulsor Tower in Kings Canyon was destroyed, something which allowed every creature to enter it. It was then replaced by World’s Edge in season 3, which again received some major changes in season 4. Now that we’re approaching season 5, players are eagerly waiting to find out whether they will be getting a new map, or will the devs just make changes to the existing ones. And it seems like the latter part may be true.

Apex Legends Season 5 Map Changes

Recently, on April 17, players got a teaser for season 5 in the form of an image. However, all of them were confused with it as they couldn’t tell what it is about. It did show a depicted part of a map, but no one could figure where this location is. But now, a user on Reddit called OrcusDei has finally managed to crack the teaser. According to him, the red building in the image is actually the Labs from Kings Canyon.

The Reddit user further pointed out that the red image has the room where Crypto was first spotted in season 2. The image further confirms that there is indeed a hidden area behind the labs. If this is the case, then the doors which were discovered a few weeks ago will open and allow players to enter a new area in Kings Canyon. In other words, we’ll be getting an underground section in Kings Canyon. But this will get confirmed after we have some more teasers.

Apex Legends season 5 is currently expected to go live in the first week of May. Now that we’re close to it, we will get to see more teasers in the coming days. We are also yet to find out whether Loba is going to be the next legend of the game or not.

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