Apex Legends: Kings Canyon and Duos Mode Are Getting Permanently Added

 Apex Legends: Kings Canyon and Duos Mode Are Getting Permanently Added

Apex Legends is considered as one of the greatest battle royale games in history. It came as a surprise to everyone as Respawn Entertainment released it without any prior announcement and marketing. This is because instead of relying on advertisements, they wanted players to judge the game themselves. Its launch was a success as more than 50 million players downloaded the game within its first month. Although there were some ups and downs, the game is still being played by more than 70 million players.

Apex Legends Duos Mode Is Coming

Unlike other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends launched only with a trios mode. There was no feature to drop into a match solo, with your best friend, or with a full four-player squad. The only game mode available since the game’s release is trios. This is why players have always requested Respawn to bring other modes to the game. In the past few months, they have given players a taste of both solo and duos mode.

Apex Legends

The developers have made both modes available for a limited period of time. They even claimed that they will first check the feedback they get about these modes and then decide whether they should add them permanently or not. And now, Respawn has finally announced that they are going to permanently add the duos mode in the game. That’s right, the much-demanded mode is finally going to arrive on April 7, and will stay here forever. This pretty much confirms that the feedback about the duos mode was positive.

Kings Canyon

Another thing that will leave fans excited is that Kings Canyon is also going to get added permanently. The map was replaced by World’s Edge back in season 3, and fans have since then requested the developers to bring it back. We did get to enjoy it during various in-game events, such as the Halloween-themed event. But fans still wanted more of it. And now, the developers have finally decided to listen to the community. Starting April 7, players will have to option to choose either World’s Edge or Kings Canyon.

Both the duos mode and Kings Canyon are going to arrive with the Bloodhound Town Takeover event, The Old Ways. The new event is going to go live on April 7 and will conclude on April 21. It will feature new cosmetic items along with a brand-new limited-time mode that will pit players against each other and Prowlers.

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