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Apex Legends Devs Talk About Why Then Won’t Add Solos

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends since it’s release, then you’re aware of the fact that it lacks various modes. The game was launched only with a trios mode, and it has since then remained like this. Even though players have requested the devs to add different modes from time to time, Respawn hasn’t paid serious attention to it. They did add the duos mode permanently through the recent Town Takeover event, but it seems like this is the only mode we’ll be getting for the time being.

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After Respawn announced that they are going to permanently add the duos mode to the game, many players got excited. However, there were some who expressed their disappointment because they wanted a solos mode too. Respawn did introduce the solos mode to the game through the Iron Crown event, but it was available for only a few days. The devs at that time claimed that they will first check the feedback regarding this mode and then decide whether they should permanently add it or not. And now, it seems like they’ve finally made their decision.

Apex Legends Design Director Explains Why Solos Mode Is Unhealthy

Recently, during the Old Ways dev-stream that went live on April 7, the game’s design director Jason McCord discussed various things about the game. While talking about the solos mode, he was quick to mention that this mode is “unhealthy” for the battle royale. He went on to add that the data and feedback gathered during the Iron Crown reveals why this mode isn’t suitable for Apex Legends.

To begin with, McCord first explained that Apex is a team-based game and a solo mode isn’t meant for it. He explained that they have designed their game around teammates, and their legends have different abilities that are only useful in squads. However, these abilities are completely useless in solos. The game designer further added that the game also has a ping system and an in-depth revive system, which again is useless in a solo mode.

While talking about the data gathered during the Iron Crown event, he mentioned that it was unhealthy. While some players enjoyed it, the devs realized that new players were not going to stick to the game if they only play solos. This is something not good for the game, and the reason why we’re not seeing a solos mode in the latest patch.

In any case, players who wanted to see a solos mode shouldn’t feel too disappointed as the developers might come up with a solution at some point in the future.

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