Apex Legends Devs Talk About Crossplay

 Apex Legends Devs Talk About Crossplay

Crossplay is something that has always remained an important part of gaming. There are several games that allow people to play together online regardless of what platform they are on. For instance, if you play on PC and your game supports crossplay, then you will be able to play with someone who owns a console. Unlike some other popular titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends lacks this feature. But now, the developers have provided an updated regarding this feature.

After a few months of Apex’s debut, Respawn claimed that they are indeed working on crossplay because they know it is something important. However, since then, the developers have remained quiet about it. Fans of the game have constantly requested the devs to add this feature as soon as possible so they can play with their console friends. After staying silent about this topic for some months, the developers have now claimed that they are indeed interested in adding this feature.

Apex Legends Crossplay Update

Recently, the developers from Respawn sat down with Game Informer magazine and talked about the future of Apex Legends. They were asked about the idea of crossplay and the developers had a positive reply to this. They claimed that crossplay is something that everyone expects in the industry, and is also important for Apex. The devs even mentioned that they too need the crossplay feature because all of them play on different systems. To ensure fans that the feature is indeed going to come, Respawn added that “it’s an important thing to get to.”

Now that even Warzone is offering crossplay, Respawn should introduce this feature as soon as possible. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that once Apex Legends starts offering crossplay, some issues will come to the surface. For instance, we can expect to see players complaining about the aim assist for controllers. This is an issue already seen in the Fortnite community.

When Will It Arrive?

At the moment, Respawn is yet to reveal exactly when this feature is going to arrive. Apex Legends season 5 is scheduled to go live after a month, and it might finally introduce this much-anticipated feature. There are several other features that players want to see in the game. For instance, since the game’s release, players have requested a kill-cam feature. This is something that will allow them to see what mistake got them killed.

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