Apex Legends Devs Have ‘Ideas’ For Solo Queuing

 Apex Legends Devs Have ‘Ideas’ For Solo Queuing

Apex Legends has remained one of the best battle royale games since it was released in February 2019. The game has been praised by many for its rewarding and challenging gameplay. Unlike other battle royale titles, Apex tends to focus more on pace rather than just normal gunfights. However, just like other games, Apex too has many problems that need to be fixed. One of them is solo queuing.

Apex Legends Solo Queuing

The thing which has bothered many players is that Apex Legends launched only with a trios mode. And since then, it has remained the only mode of the game. Respawn Entertainment has only added the solo and duos mode to the game as limited-time modes. They even recently confirmed that they are now going to permanently add the duos mode starting April 7. However, there is still one big issue that remains regarding solo queuing.

Apex Legends

Solo queuing is getting worse day by day in Apex Legends. As the game’s default mode is trios, players are put in the battle with teammates with whom they cannot even communicate with. Not only this, but top players sometimes get teammates who are not of the same level, and thus have to carry them throughout the match. This can become really frustrating as you cannot focus on the game because of this. In other words, you cannot rely on your teammates and have to focus on taking down enemy trios on your own.

Respawn Has Ideas For It

One Apex player got really tired of this issue and he decided to message a developer from Respawn about it. He messaged the developer that the only issue left in the game is solo queuing. He also added that this problem is something really big for above-average players. To his surprise, the developer instantly replied to him and claimed that “we have some ideas.” The developer event thanked the user for his kind words.

At the moment, we don’t know exactly what those ideas are, but Eric Hewitt might be referring to a new solo mode. However, it is still too early to say this considering Respawn is currently busy with adding duos mode to the game. Even if they are planning to add a solo mode, it won’t happen any time soon.

In any case, players should gear up for the upcoming Bloodhound town takeover event, The Old Ways. The new event is going to feature new cosmetic items along with a limited-time mode.

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