Apex Legends: Data Miner Provides A Closer Look At The Old Ways Event

 Apex Legends: Data Miner Provides A Closer Look At The Old Ways Event

Since Respawn made the announcement about the next in-game event for Apex Legends, data miners have been busy trying to get their hands on some hidden information. Although the developers have already revealed enough information about the event, players want to know more. And now, thanks to some prominent data miners, we have our first closer look at the upcoming Bloodhound’s Town Takeover event.

Respawn Entertainment has always introduced one Town Takeover event in every season. So far, we have enjoyed three of them. The first one was for Wraith and the second one was for Octane. Both events took place in Kings Canyon. However, the third event, which was for Mirage, was held in World’s Edge. All three events added new locations to the map, and the latest one can be seen in the form of Mirage’s Voyage. The best thing about such locations is that they stick around the map even after their respective event ends.

Apex Legends New Town Takeover Event

Now that we’re approaching Bloodhound’s Town Takeover event, everyone is eagerly waiting to see what new locations it will feature. Recently, data miners iLootGames and Shrugtal managed to get their hands on some hidden images of the upcoming event.

According to them, these images were found in the game’s files. One of them features Bloodhound standing next to the Raven that is always on his shoulder. However, Shrugtal later pointed out that the Raven standing next to the Technological Tracker is not the real one. Instead, it is a giant statue of the Raven placed at a specific location on the map. This basically means that the image is of a location that will be introduced through the map.

The second image, on the other hand, gives us a closer look at Prowlers. For those who don’t know, the upcoming event is going to feature a new LTM that will be based on these creatures. Players will have to gather loot and then fight against Prowlers while keeping an eye out for enemy squads. The image has further confirmed that Prowlers will be the same in size, but will have different skins. The one featured in the image has orange skin with white stripes. However, the Prowler found in Sniper’s Ridge had a different color.

Bloodhound’s Town Takeover event, The Old Ways is going to go live on April 7. The event is also going to permanently add Kings Canyon and the Duos mode to the game.

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