Apex Legends Best Strategies To Stay At The Top

 Apex Legends Best Strategies To Stay At The Top

Apex Legends is a really different type of game. If you’re someone who is really good at playing other battle royale games, you will still need to do a lot in order to adjust to Apex. This is because Respawn’s battle royale focuses on fast pace combat instead of regular gunfights. One wrong move can get you eliminated within seconds. Therefore, in order to stay at the top of every match, there are several things that you must keep in mind. Today, we are going to share some of the top strategies that can help you become a better player.

Stick To One Legend

The first thing you must do is stick to one legend for the time being. This is because it can take days to master a legend. And if you keep on switching from one to another, you will only make things difficult for yourself. Therefore, it will be wise to first master a legend and then move on to the next one.

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Choose The Right Landing Spot

The second thing you need to do is choose the right landing spot. Now, there is nothing bad about dropping in hot zones. These areas in Apex Legends will help you get top-tier loot quickly. However, this will come at a cost. You will land with many other teams at hot zones and chances are that you’ll get eliminated pretty quickly unless you’re a pro player and know how to handle critical situations. But if you’re not, drop far away with your team, gather some good loot, and then head towards other areas.

Focus On Survival

The third thing we’ll mention is perhaps the most important thing. Always remember that you have to focus more on survival, and not on kills. There are times when you shouldn’t engage an enemy and just make your way to your desired location instead. This is because sometimes you’ll think that your enemy is alone, but his teammates will be nearby. In addition to this, once you engage with your opponent, nearby enemies will approach you after hearing gunshots. Therefore, it is always best to only engage if necessary. Don’t worry about missing out on the action as you’ll have plenty of it in the final circle.

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Stick Together

The final thing we’ll suggest is to stick together. Some teammates make the mistake of landing at different locations, and this is what gets them killed instantly. Apex Legends is all about survival, and you cannot do that with your teammates. Therefore, always land at the same spot and stick together until the end. If you wander off to another area without your teammates, you’ll instantly get crushed by an enemy squad.

These were some strategies that can help you stay on top. They will help you in both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

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