Apex Legends – Best Characters To Play With

 Apex Legends – Best Characters To Play With

Apex Legends is the first battle royale game to feature the concept of legends. These are the in-game characters that players can choose. The most interesting thing about every legend is that each one has its own special and unique abilities. These abilities can help them take down opponents, trap them, or escape from critical situations. However, as every legend is different, you will have to carefully choose the right one. This is because you will have to spend a few days with the one you choose in order to master him. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best legends to play with in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Best Characters


The first legend we’ll suggest is Wraith. She is easily one of the most popular legends in the game. The thing which instantly made her popular is the way she runs as it resembles the “Naruto Run.” As for her abilities, Wraith can use her tactical to disappear for a few seconds and avoid any kind of damage. She can also use her ultimate ability to create a portal through which she and her teammates can teleport from one place to another quickly.


Apex Legends

The second legend we’ll suggest is Pathfinder. This friendly robot has a tactical ability that allows him to quickly get out of intense fights. He can also reach higher ground quickly and easily by using it. In addition to this, Pathfinder can shoot a zip line far away and use to to move around. This is something very useful when the circle is closing in and you cannot afford to get trapped in it.


The third legend on our list is Caustic. While some players avoid playing with him, this legend is absolutely deadly. He is a mad scientist who uses poisonous gas to give his opponents a difficult time. Caustic’s tactical ability allows him to set gas traps, and anyone who walks near them becomes a victim of them. As for his ultimate ability, the legend can throw a grenade filled with gas and it then spreads over a large area.


Apex Legends

The fourth and final legend we’ll suggest is Bangalore. She is a war soldier and is capable of doing something no one else is. Unlike other multiplayer games, Apex lacks smoke grenades. However, Bangalore can use her tactical ability to fire two rounds of smokes which be really useful during battle. Her tactical ability allows her to call an airstrike.

Apex Legends season 5 is also hopefully going to bring a new legend. Let’s wait and see whether the next one will prove to be a good legend or not.

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