Apex Legends: Balancing Changes Introduced In Latest Patch

 Apex Legends: Balancing Changes Introduced In Latest Patch

Respawn recently released a brand new update for their battle royale game, Apex Legends. Through this update, they have introduced Bloodhound’s Town Takeover event. However, along with new content and some map changes, the new patch has also introduced different balancing changes. These changes are for both weapons and legends. Some of them have received a nerfed, while others have gotten a buff.

Apex Legends Latest Patch

Buffs and Nerfs For Weapons

To begin with, the latest patch has introduced some changes for the G7 Scout, L-Star, and the Kraber Sniper Rifle. Respawn has now reduced the headshot scale of the G7 Scout from 2.0 to 1.75. Its leg shot scale has also been reduced from 9.0 to 0.75. Players will also now notice a slight reduction in its projectile speed.

Apex Legends

As for the L-Star, it has received both a nerf and buff. It now has a better view-kick pattern, but its overheat time has been reduced to 2.2 from 2.4 Meanwhile, Krakber is the only weapon in the last that has been buffed. Respawn has increased its headshot damage multiplier from 2.05 to 3.0. This means that if you now get a headshot with this weapon, your opponent will instantly get knocked out regardless of the type of armor he’s wearing.

Buffs and Nerfs For Legends

The latest update has targeted Revenant, Lifeline, and Wraith. For those who don’t know, Revenant has been considered as a weak legend since his addition to the game. This is why players were requesting Respawn to boost its abilities a little bit so that he can feel more viable. The devs have confirmed that they were aware of all these issues, and have now introduced some buffs for it. The duration of his “silence” ability has been increased to 20s from 10s. In addition to this, it can now also disable Gibraltar’s Gun Shield. Aside from this, players who respawn back after using his Death Totem will now get 50 health.

Apex Legends

Lifeline has also received a buff. Respawn has decided to give her a second passive ability through which she can access some secret compartments in the new Blue Bins. These compartments contain more loot. As for Wraith, she has received a nerf. If both ends of her portal are outside the circle, then it will go away after four seconds. This is something that will finally put an end to her portal exploit.

A few more buffs and nerfs have been introduced for various items. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of them in the future updates.

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