Amazon Cancels The Last Of Us Part II Special Editions As Game Delayed

 Amazon Cancels The Last Of Us Part II Special Editions As Game Delayed

May 29th, 2020 was a date that many PlayStation fans had earmarked for The Last Of Us Part II release date. Coming as the sequel to the critically acclaimed and renowned title that released in 2013, it was set to carry the torch for developer Naughty Dog once more in a potentially generation-defining release.

Preorders that first went online towards the end of September 2019 were quickly booked out with many consumers unable to get their hands on the Collectors edition and more specifically, the coveted Ellie Edition that was on offer. With hype building up for the eventual release, it did look like Sony was all set to exit the current generation with one last, massive hurrah.

But in the end, following the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic which was not accounted for, The Last Of Us Part II release date is now postponed until further notice. This is not the news that has been taken lightly by the masses, already reeling from countrywide lockdowns across every continent even as The Last of Us II was stated to be all but complete shortly before the announcement went live. Sony has cited reasons including logistics limitation and wanting to deliver a uniform, quality experience across the globe at the time of launch.

PlayStation Official Tweet:

We have since received confirmation that multiple buyers have had their Amazon orders for The Last Of US II’s collector’s editions canceled, including one buyer who lost his Ellie Edition order in the process. That seems to indicate Amazon has started canceling orders en masse possibly as Sony currently does not have a launch date in mind for The Last Of Us Part II. Canceled orders include (but may not be limited to):

  • The Last Of Us Part II Special Edition.
  • The Last Of Us Part II Collector’s Edition.
  • The Last Of Us Part II Ellie Edition.

News from multiple sources includes enraged buyers who registered the preorders confirming the situation that Amazon has indeed canceled multiple orders of The Last Of Us Part II in the process that had far-reaching impacts well beyond their own accounts.

Source Conversation on Amazon:

The infuriating part comes from the fact that not all orders seem to be canceled but quite a few have randomly been culled for reasons best known to the Amazon Support team since no specific pattern has been observed when it comes to the orders being canceled, but one thing is for sure: All of them happened after said notification was posted by Naughty Dog confirming the same as seen above from Sony’s own tweets.

Naughty Dog Statement:

For now, all fans shall have to wait a bit longer for the chance to finally get their hands on The Last Of Us Part II. Sony will imminently release future information about all retracted queries and orders and shall look to give The Last of Us Part II the release date launch it truly deserves.