WePlay! Wants Betting Companies To Close Bets On The Charity Event

 WePlay! Wants Betting Companies To Close Bets On The Charity Event

The world is currently taking a break because of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. The Esports industry has also been badly affected because of it as various events have been canceled. From conferences to tournaments, almost everything has been either canceled or postponed. This has been done for the safety of players, staff, and everyone else attending such events. While other events are getting canceled, WePlay! is organizing a tournament to battle the virus.

A few days back, WePlay! announced that they are going to host a charity event to combat the spread of COVID-19. The tournament is currently being hosted and around 24 teams from different parts of the world are taking part in it. The official name of the tournament is WeSave! Charity Play, and it offers a prize pool of $120,000. This will be divided into $20,000 per region.

Because of the reason that this tournament is a charity event, the organizers have requested betting companies to not accept any bets on the WeSave! Charity Play event. As WePlay! has no control over what other companies do, they have just made a request to betting companies with the hopes of increasing the impact of their event.

WePlay! Gives An Official Statement

In an official statement, the company asked the betting companies to not accepts bets on the charity event, unless they are planning to donate those revenues to the cause. The company also claimed that they will offer full transparency of the transfers of funds so that nothing remains hidden. At the moment, no betting company has given a reply to this statement. However, considering things are pretty bad right now because of the virus, everyone will agree to what the organizers are saying.

While the initial prize pool of the charity event was $120,000, it has already started to increase. The organizers are trying their best to increase the total prize pool before the event ends so that more money can be donated. They are doing this by getting more sponsorship deals. In addition to this, people are also donating a lot to the event. In only one day, the prize pool has already increased to $150,000. Now that WePlay! has made an appeal to the betting companies, we can expect them to donate their revenues too. If this happens, the prize pool will get a big boost for sure.

The WeSave! Charity Play event will conclude on March 26. If you’re interested in watching the tournament, then you can simply visit the official Twitch channel of WePlay!

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