WePlay! announces DOTA 2 Pushka League

 WePlay! announces DOTA 2 Pushka League

WePlay! are entering the DOTA 2 scene now with an official event following after the successful charity event.

WePlay! sourced headlines:

We just can’t stop playing Dota, can we? It is time to announce.

WePlay! Pushka League will start on April, 23rd! The online format, two regional groups, fourteen teams, $250,000 at stake. 

So, there are seven teams per region, who will compete in the BO3 series in a round-robin format. After the rounds are done, three worst teams get eliminated, while four best crews continue to the playoffs with a double-elimination bracket, usual BO3. Pushka League ends in the Grand Finals, which will be played up to three wins (best of 5).

Team NigmaNatus Vincere
Team SecretVirtus.pro
Team LiquidB8
AllianceGambit Esports
Ninjas in PyjamasTeam Spirit

*TBD — these teams are to be determined through regional Open Qualifiers.

Replied statements:

Team Nigma were very happy to join the league.

“We are grateful that esports can go on during these times. Having online leagues is the right approach, and we appreciate being able to participate. We want to provide a good show for everyone watching.”

WePlay! Esports CEO and Managing Partner Oleg Krot also spoke about the league.

When you take the best ingredients and combine them in a single product — one always gets the result that will be greatly accepted by the market. Our league combines the best teams, talents, and WePlay! Esports infrastructure, which includes video production, logistics, software tools, media, PR, and other elements. Having found a nice window in the tournament schedule, we happily present our audience with a new league.

Virtus.pro are excited about joining the league, says General Manager Sergey Glamazda.

Online tournaments are definitely what Dota 2 fans, players, and teams were hoping for during the period of quarantine. In some sense, we’re going back to the roots when the majority of tournaments were played online. Players are hungry for competitive Dota, so I believe 99% of teams would agree that launching online tournaments with such speed is huge for the Dota 2 community.

In addition, WePlay! Esports CBDO and Managing Partner Yura Lazebnikov also thinks that WePlay! is ready to surprise everyone once again.

This is going to be a competition with top-tier teams mixed with a brand-new show. Our team can’t even imagine working on dull and monotonous broadcasts without providing a unique vibe and sharing with the audience a story that we wanted to create.

Schedule, prize pool distribution, and other details regarding WePlay! Pushka League will be announced soon.

WePlay! announce Dota 2 April event

Event Continuation:

Furthermore, the news comes after the final moments of the charity event and will follow up from the last DOTA 2 event under WePlay! won by Team Nigma. It thus boasts prospects that would lead to success despite the online scenario that is the norm in current times of the pandemic.

In conclusion, all manner of streams shall be the same as those that are followed by the charity event.

For more information on WePlay!, visit their official website.