Warzone – Upcoming Content Including Duos and Squads Leaked

 Warzone – Upcoming Content Including Duos and Squads Leaked

In less than 20 days, Infinity Ward’s latest battle royale Warzone has been downloaded by more than 30 million players. The game’s launch was a success, and it is now being considered as a direct competitor to Fortnite and Apex Legends. Considering all the attention Warzone is getting from all over the world, it’s no surprise that the developers are constantly releasing updates for it to add new content. And now, it seems like a data miner has managed to leak some stuff that will soon make its way to the game.

Warzone Duos and Squad Modes

Just like Apex Legends, Warzone also launched with only a trios mode. This made a lot of players disappointed as they were expecting to see the standard solo, duos, and squad modes. A few days after the game’s launch, the developers pushed out an update through which they introduced the solo mode to the game. This made a lot of players satisfied, but most of them are still demanding for the other modes. Now, a popular data miner has managed to leak some information which indicates that the much-awaited duos and squad mode are in development.

The Call of Duty data miner, Senescallo shared this information on Reddit and claimed that all of the new stuff will arrive in Warzone with season 3. His post indicated that the squad mode will be instead called quads. This confirms that that up to four players will be able to play as a team.

New Limited Time Modes

Along with the duos and quads mode, the data miner has also leaked some exciting new game modes that will arrive in season 3. These new modes include High Action in which the circle will close down quicker and Shotty Sniper in which players will have to battle each other by using snipers and shotguns only. Another leaked mode is One-Shot in which the only way to kill an opponent will be by scoring a headshot. At the moment, it is yet to be confirmed whether these new modes will be limited-time modes only or will stay permanently. However, judging from what happens in other battle royale titles, these will be most likely LTMs.

For those wondering, the third season is currently scheduled to go live in April. In the coming days, we will get to see more leaked information through which we’ll get to know what else we can expect from the upcoming season. Warzone will also be getting some new weapons soon.

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