Warzone Might Get Some New Features Soon

 Warzone Might Get Some New Features Soon

Infinity Ward’s latest battle royale title, Warzone is currently one of the top games right now. Downloaded by more than 15 million players within a few days of its release, the game is being praised for its rewarding gameplay. As the game is getting a lot of attention from all over the world, the developers are trying their best to improve it as much as they can. Just recently, it was reported that some new features are going to make their way to the game.

Just like Apex Legends, Warzone also launched with a trios mode. This allowed players to drop only with two other teammates. Because of this reason, many players started requesting Infinity Ward to add more modes to the game. As soon as players started complaining about a lack of modes, the developers started working on a new mode. And through the first post-launch content update on March 17, the developers added a solo mode.

The solo mode has been so far been well received by almost every player. It is allowing players to test how good they really are without their teammates. Some players are also not a fan of playing with random teammates, so they just prefer dropping in solo. And now, new leaks came to the surface suggesting that the developers are working on some new features.

New Warzone Modes Coming Soon

The leaks were shared by a discord user named “Shenlord.” However, they were posted on Twitter by an account that goes by the name “ModernWarzone.” This account is known for regularly updating fans about the battle royale. The leaked images reveal that two new game modes, duos, and squads are soon going to get added to the game. This means that you will be soon able to jump into the game with either your best friend, or with a full 4-player squad.

Another feature that has been leaked is custom matches. This will allow players to host their own private matches, through which they will be able to set their own rules. This is something many players have been requesting for, and developers have finally listened to them. Custom games will also allow local communities to host their own Warzone tournaments.

At the moment, it is yet to be revealed exactly when these features will arrive. Considering the game is getting a lot of attention, the developers will try to add them as soon as possible.

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