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Warzone and Modern Warfare Are Getting New Weapons And A Map

Infinity Ward recently released a new battle royale game titled ‘Warzone.’ And in just 10 days, the game has already been downloaded by 30 million players. This clearly means that the game is a success for the developers as it is being praised for its amazing gameplay. In fact, the game is even now considered as a direct competitor to the other top battle royale titles, Fortnite and Apex Legends. As it has a lot of hype built around these days, Infinity Ward is making sure they don’t mess things up. To do that, they are continuously updating it.

Recently, the developers confirmed that some new content is soon going to make its way to the game. They also confirmed that some new content for Modern Warfare too.

Warzone Is Getting New Weapons

As Warzone is entering its third week, the developers have decided to add some new content to it. They have announced a weekly update that will hit the servers today. The update is going to bring four new weapons to the battle royale. These include the MK2 Carbine, 725, .50 GS, and the EBR-14. For those wondering, all four weapons will come in different rarities and will offer different features depending on their class.

Other than these weapons, nothing else has been mentioned for the battle royale so far. However, these are some amazing weapons and will definitely change the game. Another thing to keep in mind here is that the update will most likely include some fixes for various bugs. Infinity Ward a few days back confirmed that they will fix some issues through a future update.

New Map For Modern Warfare

As for Modern Warfare, the update is going to introduce a new map to the game. The new map is called “Khandor Hideout” and it focuses on 6v6 combat. According to the developers, it is a medium-size map in Syrkistan and has long sightlines and interior spaces. Khandor Hideout is going to be the third map that has been added so far in season 2. And now, players might not get to see a new map until season 3, which will kick off in April.

In any case, it’s great to see that Infinity Ward is continuously updating their games, especially the battle royale. The player base of Warzone is increasing day by day, and it won’t be long before it hits 50 million players. The global lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak is also contributing a lot to this, and more people are now staying at home.

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