Twitch announces cancellation of Twitchcom Amsterdam

 Twitch announces cancellation of Twitchcom Amsterdam

Twitch has announced that Twitchcon shall not commence. The health concerns have forced Twitch to not hold Twitch con this year.

Twitch has come out and released a full statement on the issue at hand. This is what the full statement reads:


“We have been monitoring Coronavirus concerns. The risk is weighted of the potential health risks to our community. We’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel TwitchCon Amsterdam. 

TwitchCon is the best weekend to be a Twitch fan. To say we’re disappointed you won’t be able to enjoy the show we’ve been building for you is a massive understatement. But the health and safety of our community, employees, and everyone else who has a part in making TwitchCon happen is, as always, our top priority. 

Anyone who purchased a ticket will be refunded the full amount of your TwitchCon ticket. We will issue cancellations no later than, Friday, March 20. Please allow up to an additional 20 days to process the refund with your financial institution. An email of your ticket cancellation will be sent to the email address you entered when purchasing your ticket. 

If you have booked through Twitch’s hotel block, cancellations can be done free of charge. Depending on the conditions of your booking though you will need to contact RAI Hotel Services to cancel, we cannot do so on your behalf. You can cancel online or send them an email on Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee refunds for those who booked outside of Twitch’s hotel block. You will need to contact the hotel or rental directly to discuss.

We look forward to hosting TwitchCon Amsterdam in the future. We shall keep you updated on plans to celebrate the Twitch Community.

Our sympathies to all those affected around the world.”

Twitchcon would have come forward as a massive gathering of all famous streamers on Twitch.

In other words, they have reached out to traveling bookers for the possibility of their refunds. However, it seems it’s only possible for Twitch’s Hotel Block. However, they are refunding Twitchcon tickets without any problem. In addition to previous event cancellations, the news drops as another disappointment.

This adds another event to the long list of events that the Corona Virus has affected and canceled.

There is, however, some good news. The San Diego Twitch con is still in September later this year. For all the information on that, visit their Twitchcon Official Website.