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TSM joins PUBG India by signing Entity Gaming

The latest news for PubG mobile comes with TSM entering the PUBG Mobile Esports. The latest twitter post gives the organization startup aiming for the Indian audience.

Twitter Post:

Thus, the news hints at the ambition of the organization coming to a new path. They have subsequently released their roster for PUBG. The statement introduces their acquired roster:

“Our newest PUBG squad has been wildly successful since they became active last year, placing first during the PMCO South Asia Fall Split, and 5th at the PMCO Global Fall Split, and we’re absolutely thrilled to have them on board. Without further ado, please welcome our team and its players:

  • IGL: Vivek “ClutchGod” Horo.
  • Assaulter: Suraj “Neyooooo” Majumdar.
  • Assaulter: Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral.
  • Support: Abhijeet  “GHATAK” Andhare.
  • Support: Abhishek “ZGOD” Choudhary.”

The partnership with the Indian organization to sign last year’s number one team of the game sparks great interest in TSM’s investment. Furthermore, the partnership itself is seen as a great gain by both parties.

TSM’s new signings with full statements by TSM’s director and Entity’s CEO. The following are their statements:

Statement of Neerav Rukhana, CEO of Entity Gaming:

“We are deeply grateful to the Indian community which has showered their tremendous love on our players over the months. We understand that we have a responsibility with these levels of achievements, and that is to bring an international trophy home. Our plans don’t just stop at PUBG Mobile, they will eventually touch other mobile games too. We believe this partnership will be a monumental step in that direction.”

Statement of Don Kim, Director of Esports Operations at TSM:

“TSM is looking to become a truly global brand with teams of all origins, united by competitive drive and spirit. This opportunity to enter the PUBG mobile scene with the #1 team from India is a massive step for the organization, and we’re very excited to have this chance to reach millions of new gaming fans and take this team to number one in the world”.

There is plenty of anticipation for the organization inside Indian soil. TSM’s full introduction to the PUBG mobile in India highlights the prospects it has set for itself in the following words:

“The team will be representing us under the name “TSM Entity” to reflect a new partnership with Entity Gaming, who will be working with us to manage the team and our players together in India. With TSM’s global expertise and Entity Gaming’s domestic experience, this partnership will ensure that our two organizations make the right moves to grow tremendously and succeed in our ambitions.”

The roster and organization shall commence immediately after the acquisition. Their first match under the TSM banner will be against Cloud9 on March 7th.

For more info on the new partnership, visit TSM’s Official Website.



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