Tribe Gaming gain new investors.

Tribe Gaming secure new Investment Funds


Fortunate news comes forward for the Tribe Gaming Organization as it has successfully gained new investors. Some of them; big names including a peculiar NBA individual.

Gordon Hayward from the NBA is now officially an investor in the organization’s mobile gaming scene. Investors also include WWE’s Cesaro as well alongside all the new roster members for further growth of the organization to take on more esports titles.

This hails great prospects for the future of the organization. It will also be sure to improve the versatility and quality of the organization in the esports scene, members and the organization itself overall.

Full Tribe Statement:

We’re thrilled to announce that Tribe Gaming has officially raised our first round of outside capital!

This marks a major step forward for the Tribe; not only will this level of funding help us immensely in our mission, but more importantly, it means some all-star new partners and owners will be joining the Tribe as well. Our new investors include the NBA’s Gordon Hayward, the WWE’s Cesaro, mobile gaming veteran Kristian Segerstrale, and more!

The Tribe’s come a long way since our launch in April of 2017. In that time, we’ve grown a content team featuring some of the biggest stars in mobile gaming. We’ve conquered multiple major championships; we have five pro teams competing across some of the biggest titles in the space.

Needless to say, it’s been an amazing three years, but we’re just getting started!

To conclude, we want Tribe to be a trailblazer of mobile gaming and content creation. And so, our goal has always been to grow the mobile space in a big way. Bringing on new capital and partners will open countless doors for Tribe’s content creators and pro players. It’ll also give us decades of superstar wisdom to guide us; making Tribe the greatest mobile gaming organization in the entire world.

In short, we’re building a team the likes of which the world has never seen before, and now, we have the resources to make it happen!

Check out Chief Pat’s video here for more about what this means for Tribe and our plans for the future, and check out our full funding announcement.

Tribe have recently also qualified for the PMCO Regional Finals that will landmark the start of Tribe’s newest prospects.