Team Liquid to close Facilities, Work from home

 Team Liquid to close Facilities, Work from home

Team Liquid is one of the biggest known names of Esports organizations. They come forward with news that due to health concerns over the Corona Virus, entire Team Liquit facilities will close. Work from home will be mandatory mode.

The following statement shares news on the matter via Team Liquid’s Twitter:

Health is paramount in all aspects and this statement regards it as so. The chosen member of the organization shall not be risking infection this way. The organization also adheres that the following changes will not affect team performances in any manner. It is simply a necessary change to counter the global pandemic.

Member themselves were frantic knowing about the Covid-19 concerns that have affected almost all Esports events. It is the same for all teams and organizations as well. E-3 is another example, the biggest event for video games which due to the pandemic, will not commence this year.

2020 comes as a bane for Esports, with multiple organizations suffering along with set events. The annual growth of the esports scene showed a steady increase, and due to that, organizations took risks. It is unfortunate to see this year the Esports scene is facing cancellation after cancellation.

The Jist:

Team Liquid themselves since their inception in 2000, grew to sustain multiple rosters of various Esports titles. They include DOTA 2, League Of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Super Smash Bros and almost all other Esports titles. The growth takes an unfortunate turn that this year would show to hinder it.

To conclude, there is however a good perspective of the decisions made by the organization. This way they show that top priority is their members and not the organization they’re running. It might be a debate that this is all strategic but proves to be the more humane decision.

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