Steam Tops 22 Million Concurrent Users

 Steam Tops 22 Million Concurrent Users

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has placed everyone inside their homes. Various countries are taking strict measures to prevent the disease from spreading. As a part of these measures, citizens of respective countries have been asked to stay at home so that the spread of the disease can be limited. Because of this reason, people are now finding things to do while they are quarantined at their homes. As for gamers, they’ve started playing a lot more than before.

Recently, the number of players in different games have started to go up. layers from all over the world are logging in to Steam to get an escape from the ongoing outbreak. As a result, the users on Steam have increased drastically. In fact, the service has managed to break yet another record thanks to the global lockdown.

Steam Breaks Another Record

A few days back, Steam’s concurrent users were set at 20 million players. This was something that happened for the first time and everyone was surprised to see this number. Two days ago, this number jumped to 22 million and everyone knew that this will further increase. And now, after two days, the number has increased to 25 million concurrent players, meaning that Steam has now set another record.

We all know that Steam is mostly the first choice of the majority of PC gamers. This is because the service offers thousands of games. Therefore, it isn’t a big surprise that the users of this service are increasing day by day during the global lockdown. An interesting thing is that along with the users of Steam, the player base of different games offered by the service is also increasing significantly. Just recently, CS:GO managed to top one million concurrent players for the first time since its release. Other than this game, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and various other games are also experiencing big boosts in their overall player count.

February was the month when the number of users started to increase. This is because, during this month, China and some other countries started following the lockdown protocol for the coronavirus outbreak. There were 18.8 million concurrent users of Steam at the start of February, and this number has now increased to 25 million.

Considering that more countries are now imposing nationwide lockdowns, the number of users on Steam will continue to increase. We will also get to see another increase in the player count of various games.

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