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Starladder ImbaTV DOTA 2 Kyiv Minor is now LIVE

The Kyiv Minor main event is now underway with Group A and B matches already live.

Teams concluded their qualifier matches with China’s qualifiers concluding lastly with Team Aster securing the spot. They had fought in the lower bracket to make a comeback and beat Newbee to secure the slot for the Minor LAN Tourney.

Alliance won European qualifiers for the Minor.

Gambit Esports and forZe eSports qualified through CIS’s two slots.

BOOM Esports qualified for Southeast Asia.

NoPing e-sports gained the slot of South America qualifiers.

Fighting PandaS, now as the banner of CR4ZY, qualified for one slot in North America’s qualifiers. This organization sheds light on their first-ever DOTA 2 Tournament with their new investment putting them outside their exclusivity to CS: GO esports. For more on the organization’s move to DOTA 2, you can read our CR4ZY’s move to DOTA 2 Article.

Lastly, Business Associates qualify with the second slot for North America’s qualifiers.

There will plenty of action to see as the winners would gain a slot at the ESL One Los Angeles Major that shall commence later this month. Therefore, this makes the competition much more fierce as each team shall want to come first.

In addition, the prize pool distribution of the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor will give the first place the biggest cut, which is as follows:
1st place will take $72,000, 140 DPC points, and slot on the Major.
2nd place takes $60,000 and 120 DPC points.
3rd place takes $54,000 and 110 DPC points.
4th place takes $42,000 and 90 DPC points.
The 5-6th place takes $24,000 and 60 DPC points.
And lastly, 7-8th places will take $12,000 and 40 DPC points.

Starladders information blog further explains the format of the finals in the following words:
“The LAN-finals of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor is set to take place in a traditional format of the series: within the group stage, the teams will be seeded into two GSL-groups, with four winners moving on straight to the Double Elimination Playoffs.”

The matches are already underway that fans can catch via Starladder’s Twitch Stream or in-game via DOTA 2. Both Group A and B are already underway. All the action is being brought to viewers through DOTA 2’s usual experienced Broadcasting Talent including Sheever, ODPixel, TobiWan Kyle and more.

For all the latest information on the Kyiv Minor, visit Starladder’s Main Website.


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